for your future
Bring your professional career back under your own control. Realize the project close to your heart. Fully express your potential. Improve your efficiency and confidence in performing your current responsibilities.
Are you facing a major professional challenge?
Don't leave anything to chance
Decode the context. Become aware of your own mental constructs. Find different options to improve your efficiency while still respecting who you are.
If you want to transform the coming transitional period into a constructive stage in your career path into a time of learning, or if you want to find the job that corresponds to your aspirations and talents, you have come to the right place.
Turn your lassitude, your self-questioning and your intuitions to your advantage by transforming them in constructive steps for your future, whether for an immediate or anticipated renewal.
Whatever the challenge - an entirely new corporate culture, a context of transition, a change in the size of your team, complex hierarchical relations etc. - vigilance will be vital from the moment you take on your new role.
Experts of
individual coaching,
for 15 years
Revealing, facilitating and catalysing
your potential, offering close support
to meet your professional challenge.
For us, the essential thing is
what the future holds in store for you.


Quickly identifying a new professional activity, stepping back for a new perspective on what has been happening over the last few months, taking advantage of this period to review your career to-date and to study the feasibility of a new job or a new business of your own, setting everything in motion to ensure an effective approach and to accomplish this new project...


Career review

Whatever your need, whether it is to take stock of your career, clarify your future projects, be challenged on ideas you may have, envisage new ideas for professional development etc., or simply to be reminded of your personal and professional qualities, we offer you a framework for reflection, a methodology and practical actions based on the tools that we have developed.


personalized recommandations

You are looking for career coaching, or your company has offered you a coaching service. You are looking for the coach who can help you to attain the objectives that you set yourself ... a first meeting is necessary to define in detail what you are expecting from the coaching service...


Onboarding coaching

Since a major part of the success of your mission is determined during the first few months, you are right to pay particular attention to your onboarding. We offer you a practical, specific and effective onboarding coaching service.



There are things you know about yourself, things you do not yet know about yourself and things that other people know about you without your knowing... At your initiative, or because your company has proposed it, you can improve your efficiency, effectiveness and self-assurance by developing your knowledge of yourself...


& Partners.
The consultants/coaches of Atomos Conseil are all partners of the firm. They constitute a team that encourages cooperation and complementarity while valuing the specific qualities of each member.