Skills assessment

Individual Coaching

When faced with a new playing field or confronted by difficulty, coaching can help you find your own solutions.

The domains of coaching can be concerned with priorities management or stress management, but they can also include relational aspects, such as team management or the understanding of a new corporate culture.

Over the course of 6 to 12 sessions, the coach enables the manager to view reality from different angles and to understand his or her own personal “modus operandi” and also the M.O.s of the other people in the manager’s business environment, identifying any sticking points and therefore targeting action more efficiently.

Special case: Job induction coaching

When taking up a new job or a new position within a company, everything is often new – hierarchical superior, team to be managed, what is at stake in the organization, economic context etc. In this case, the learning process has to take place at the same time as actual decision-making, which can engender a feeling of solitude. Having a coach by your side can help you make the right choices and accelerate the process of settling into the new position.

Skills assessment

To remain in control of your destiny, it is important to consider the potential future stages in your professional career. For example, this type of reflection is essential if your professional activity no longer brings you satisfaction or if you have been in the same position for too long. It is also necessary if you wish to make a radical change of your position or even to switch your entire line of work.

Atomos Conseil proposes a structured approach, under the guidance of a consultant/coach, enabling you to see yourself more clearly, to identify your potential and possibilities with precision and to construct your optimal career plan accordingly.

Approach and Tools :

In order to identify the manager’s strengths and the areas requiring progress, assessments are sought from 3 different sources :

  • the consultant/coach,
  • an expert in “process communication”,
  • people with whom the manager has worked in the course of the last 10 years (360° feedback).

Since it is vital to remain anchored in practical reality, a map of the market will be drawn up in the process of finalizing the career plan.

Career transition

A period of transition is an opportunity to regain control of your future by opening up new perspectives and constructing a career plan that brings you meaning and pleasure.

For us, this plan is founded on the personal motivations, challenges, skills and strengths of each individual. However, it also has to take into account the points to watch and the areas where progress is required. Finally, in-depth market analysis helps us to finalize the plan.

We remain a partner throughout the period of researching or implementing your entrepreneurial project (e.g. starting up a new business or taking over a company) and then continue our coaching for the first 12 months of your new career stage in order to guarantee its success.

Numerous resources mobilized :
To guarantee the success of our approach we mobilize :
  • an overall co-ordinating consultant, on-hand throughout the entire procedure,
  • a resource consultant, who steps in at key stages,
  • tools for decrypting personality and stress mechanisms,
  • a 360° assessment (multi-source feedback) with former business contacts,
  • experts for the salarial or the entrepreneurial project (training in the corporate and social culture of English-speaking nations, lawyer, corporate pay expert etc.)

Leader coaching

Executive responsible for a particular entity (department, BU, subsidiary, factory etc.) have much to gain from stepping back and taking the time to analyze the workings of their corporate structure and their own personal positioning as leader in order to meet their current and future challenges more effectively.

We propose 2 half-days of workshops using one of the top-performing tools of group and organization analysis, based on Berne’s Organizational Theory. With the benefit of  the “outside eye” provided by the coach, questioning the mentored executives and helping them to discover this analysis tool, the executives will be able to gain a better global understanding of the various components of their structure, whether in its organizational aspects, human aspects or in terms of their own profile as leader.

This reference canvas will be useful to them in order to :

  • detect the sources of dysfunctions and the potential for optimization,
  • verify that each strategic change maintains the consistency of their organization with the demands of the business environment.
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(Fr.) mois en moyenne pour effectuer un bilan de carrière lorsque vous êtes en poste
(Fr.) 20
(Fr.) heures avec le consultant pour travailler sur vous et le marché potentiel
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(Fr.) bilans professionnels réalisés par les consultants-coachs d’Atomos Conseil
(Fr.) “et en même temps…” Mes contradictions sont-elles solubles dans un projet professionnel?

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