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Marielle Poisson
Legal Advisor
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25 years in legal practice, including 17 years with the FIDAL law firm.
She contributes her knowledge of corporate law and labour law and her skills as manager and legal advisor in the field of mergers, acquisitions, changes of company ownership and investment capital.
In addition, Marielle Poisson is a Partner in the DIKAIOS law firm and a member of the Board of the HEC Alumni Association.


Jean-Claude Sobel
Expert in management compensation
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Contributes his expertise in the field of management compensation. Diagnostics of the pay package (for a management team or a single manager), Remuneration policy (definition in relation to the actual stakes and implementation), Variable pay (short and long term bonuses, collective systems, performance criteria and attainment of objectives), Management packages (leveraged compensation package as part of LBO or LCP® operations), Shareholdings (distribution of free shares, stock options, equity warrants, employee shares), International remuneration (international mobility, split payroll, foreign assignments), Fiscal and social optimization (optimization of the various pay components in France and internationally), Termination of employment contract or cancellation of agency agreement (diagnosis, risks and opportunities, mediation), Pensions (evaluation, maximization of rights, establishment of supplementary schemes).

Jean-Claude Sobel is President and one of the founder members of the consulting firm Essere Associés.


Cheryl Lasnier de Lavalette
Training in English-language Communication
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18 years of experience in visual and corporate communication.

As an American citizen who has been living in France for more than 15 years, Cheryl contributes her bi-cultural and bilingual skills. She will assist you in your English-language interviews and will provide feedback on your communication, both verbal and non-verbal (voice, body language, eyes contacts, etc.) when you express yourself in English.

This expertise can prove vital to anyone aiming for an opportunity in an English-language corporation or any other opportunity with international prospects.


Pascal Ferron
Chartered Accountant
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Acquired dual experience from working for both large industrial groups and for international accounting companies, in particular with Ernst & Young.
He contributes his expertise to all clients undertaking an entrepreneurial project (business creation or takeover): analysis of the business plan, appropriate legal status (creation), reflection on the criteria of choices, analysis of goals and assistance in negotiation (takeover).
In addition, Pascal Ferron is President of the firms FIMECO, FIMECOR and BAKER TILLY France and for 15 years he has been a member of the business sale and takeover consultants  CRA (Cédants & Repreneurs d’Affaires), where he regularly gives talks at seminars on the subjects of "Project definition, finding partners, initial diagnosis" and "The first week after takeover".



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