Atomos Conseil



For sustainable performance and to develop a responsible link between the Human and the Company

Atomos Conseil is a team of professional management consultants. Each member of our team comes from the world of business, and they each share the same three convictions :

  • a company that promotes constant improvement in the wellbeing and satisfaction of its managers will perform better,
  • managers who are clear with themselves about their own professional aspirations and who understand their own mechanisms and modus operandi will be more efficient and effective as managers,
  • winners are people who know that taking time is a skill and that accepting advice is a "bonus".

We stand side by side with the executive or manager :

  • during induction into a new job/position,
  • to accompany his/her managerial development,
  • in a situation with high professional stakes,
  • when anticipating a career move,
  • to transform termination of employment into an opportunity.

We also stand with the company when it comes to stakes such as :

  • establishing good induction procedures,
  • maintaining the loyalty of high-potential staff,
  • managerial development,
  • establishing cohesion in a team,
  • making job mobility a dynamic force,
  • supporting senior managers.

Our approach combines proven methods and personalized procedures: we propose tools that we have already finalized or that we co-develop with the company, adapting our methods to specific requirements.


Last update : 07/03/2014