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Induction diagnosis


Although the HR department is often deeply involved in the selection procedures for appointing new managers, it often loses view of the quality of the induction process once the managers are in place.


Atomos Conseil can conduct an analysis of the company's induction procedures and draw up recommendations aimed at improving these procedures.


This analysis is conducted by one-to-one meetings with managers who have recently assumed new responsibilities, their hierarchical superiors and the HR managers involved in the selection or induction processes. This work can be supplemented by an online questionnaire for all managers who have taken on new positions over the last 12 months.


A summary report is then presented to the company.

Specific focal points :
Your company can use this tool to obtain a better vision of a particular subset :
  • external recruitments,
  • top managers and executives,
  • managers of a specific division.
Last update : 24/02/2014