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Personality profiles


An objective evaluation of the potential and skills of an executive or manager can be useful in a number of different situations, for example during recruitment, before a change aimed at improving the way a team works etc.


Our assessments are integrated in a process that remains internal to the company, and the approach is defined jointly with the company in accordance with its own values and benchmarks. The assessments focus on interpersonal skills and the ability to integrate with others.


With this aim in mind, our assessment procedures are often divided into two stages: a first stage for the actual evaluation, and then a second stage for its appropriation.


From implementation of a simple test to the fully constructed procedure meeting a specific objective, our work is always based on one-to-one interviews. Of the various tools that we use, we can mention :

  • MBTI-type psychometric indicator,
  • the SOSIE and Process Communication personality measuring tools,
  • motivation tests - Hexa 3D (based on the Holland Occupational Themes - RIASEC) and RMIB,
  • 360° feedback.
Our mission is considered a success when the manager concerned appropriates the results of the assessment and uses them as the foundations for a plan of action for the future.
Last update : 24/02/2014