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360° Feedback


360° feedback is a tool for personal development and for the optimization of interactions with the people around you. It enables leaders to measure the nature of their managerial impact.


This tool can be used for a manager, project manager, expert or a constituted management team: Management Board, department, project team.


The 360° tool comprises 3 parts of equal importance :

  • the questionnaire: consisting of 40 to 80 items, the questionnaire can be predefined (manager/director profile, French/other language), or it can be drawn up together with the company; it is based on the know-how of our partner Qualintra.
  • the technical web platform facilitating implementation of the questionnaire and guaranteeing the anonymity of feedback ratings: developed by Qualintra, this platform is modern, economical and flexible.
  • presentation of the report: our consultants/coaches are there to help draw the most appropriate and instructive conclusions and to turn the report into a development tool that can be rapidly operational.
The success of 360° feedback is measured by the actions and new attitudes of the manager concerned in his/her working environment :
  • on sharing the summary conclusions with the colleagues and subordinates,
  • with the establishment of a plan of action,
  • when changes of behaviour are observed.
Last update : 24/02/2014