Atomos Conseil


Training workshops


On subjects that we handle every day, our workshops alternate between sequences of skill/tool transfer, case simulations and moments of exchange of best practices or even co-construction of solutions.


Whether half-day workshops or seminars held over several days, each programme is specific. For example, we provide training in the following domains:


HR interview


Need for the HR interview with subordinates to be restored to a central place in the manager’s toolkit, need to professionalize HRMs in the conduct of career interviews and to reinforce the efficiency of recruitment interviews or simply to develop a one-to-one culture in the company, etc.


Is this approach successful? Yes, when we hear: "This isn’t a training course. It’s a development seminar!", "Now I understand why I have difficulties with...", "I feel much more comfortable now!", "I tried the echo reformulation, and it works!"


Induction to a new position


This workshop is designed for managers welcoming a new colleague: the aim is to alert the participants to the importance of the first few months and to give them the keys to successful integration of a new team member.


This module is a success when managers consider that participation in the induction of their colleagues is an act of management.

Last update : 24/02/2014