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Team coaching


The arrival of a new boss, a reorganization that has shifted the perimeters of responsibilities, the need for a new lease of life after finishing a major project...


Coaching an entire team over a significant period (8 to 18 months) can in some cases prove more effective than focusing solely on coaching the manager.


The objective of Team Coaching is to improve the collective performance of the team by means of work session either with one coach or with two coaches working in tandem. We offer teams the possibility of coaching by a man-woman duo, enabling the team to explore the relations between two different systems and to experience the complementarities of different sensitivities and approaches.


Examples of the subjects tackled: joint identification of the expectations of the business environment, identification of the specific profile of the team with its strengths and limitations, optimization of the group’s functioning with reference to shared rules and the adoption of recognized decision-making procedures.


For us, team coaching is successful when the manager tells us that there has been a recognizable "before and after", or when the development of collective intelligence is paired with improved individual performance and renewed pleasure in working together.

Last update : 24/02/2014