Atomos Conseil


Leader coaching


Executive responsible for a particular entity (department, BU, subsidiary, factory etc.) have much to gain from stepping back and taking the time to analyze the workings of their corporate structure and their own personal positioning as leader in order to meet their current and future challenges more effectively.


We propose 2 half-days of workshops using one of the top-performing tools of group and organization analysis, based on Berne’s Organizational Theory. With the benefit of  the “outside eye” provided by the coach, questioning the mentored executives and helping them to discover this analysis tool, the executives will be able to gain a better global understanding of the various components of their structure, whether in its organizational aspects, human aspects or in terms of their own profile as leader.



This reference canvas will be useful to them in order to :

  • detect the sources of dysfunctions and the potential for optimization,
  • verify that each strategic change maintains the consistency of their organization with the demands of the business environment.


Last update : 24/02/2014