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Career transition


A period of transition is an opportunity to regain control of your future by opening up new perspectives and constructing a career plan that brings you meaning and pleasure.


For us, this plan is founded on the personal motivations, challenges, skills and strengths of each individual. However, it also has to take into account the points to watch and the areas where progress is required. Finally, in-depth market analysis helps us to finalize the plan.


We remain a partner throughout the period of researching or implementing your entrepreneurial project (e.g. starting up a new business or taking over a company) and then continue our coaching for the first 12 months of your new career stage in order to guarantee its success.

Numerous resources mobilized :
To guarantee the success of our approach we mobilize :
  • an overall co-ordinating consultant, on-hand throughout the entire procedure,
  • a resource consultant, who steps in at key stages,
  • tools for decrypting personality and stress mechanisms,
  • a 360° assessment (multi-source feedback) with former business contacts,
  • experts for the salarial or the entrepreneurial project (training in the corporate and social culture of English-speaking nations, lawyer, corporate pay expert etc.)
Last update : 07/03/2014