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Skills assessment


To remain in control of your destiny, it is important to consider the potential future stages in your professional career. For example, this type of reflection is essential if your professional activity no longer brings you satisfaction or if you have been in the same position for too long. It is also necessary if you wish to make a radical change of your position or even to switch your entire line of work.


Atomos Conseil proposes a structured approach, under the guidance of a consultant/coach, enabling you to see yourself more clearly, to identify your potential and possibilities with precision and to construct your optimal career plan accordingly.



Approach and Tools :


In order to identify the manager’s strengths and the areas requiring progress, assessments are sought from 3 different sources :

  • the consultant/coach,
  • an expert in "process communication",
  • people with whom the manager has worked in the course of the last 10 years (360° feedback).
Since it is vital to remain anchored in practical reality, a map of the market will be drawn up in the process of finalizing the career plan.


Last update : 24/02/2014