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Individual Coaching


When faced with a new playing field or confronted by difficulty, coaching can help you find your own solutions.


The domains of coaching can be concerned with priorities management or stress management, but they can also include relational aspects, such as team management or the understanding of a new corporate culture.


Over the course of 6 to 12 sessions, the coach enables the manager to view reality from different angles and to understand his or her own personal “modus operandi” and also the M.O.s of the other people in the manager's business environment, identifying any sticking points and therefore targeting action more efficiently.



Special case: Job induction coaching
When taking up a new job or a new position within a company, everything is often new - hierarchical superior, team to be managed, what is at stake in the organization, economic context etc. In this case, the learning process has to take place at the same time as actual decision-making, which can engender a feeling of solitude. Having a coach by your side can help you make the right choices and accelerate the process of settling into the new position.


Last update : 24/02/2014